Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The first thing that you should know when it comes to handling and analyzing sustainability is the inability to get out of a subjective perspective, which is generally essential so that you can get complete results.

One of the most useful tools is Life Cycle Assessment, which includes understanding the process from the very beginning until the very end, as well as the environmental impacts that your business is making in both micro and macro levels.

If you wish to gain a thorough perspective on your business products and services as well as their footprints from purchasing input materials, designs, transportation, manufacturing, and consumption and finally the end cycle, you should implement life cycle assessment techniques that will help you along the way.

The LCA will help you understand the details and gain insights on what is happening with your products and what you should do to improve them in the long run. Finally, you can check out how much water your packaging system uses and how it affects the environment.

Of course, you can also check out the best alternative ways to reduce carbon footprint as well as water consumption, energy usage, land use, climate changes and other indicators that will help you determine the best ways to create a product that will not affect the environment that surrounds us.

You will be able to understand where your business stands so that you can implement innovative solutions that will help both your business, reach more clients that are eco-conscious and what is most important you will not affect changes that are already happening all across the globe.

It does not matter what is the type of business you operate, because if you are selling products, you will need packaging. You have to look around you to see that almost everything comes in plastic packaging, which creates havoc for both the plant and animal world.

On the other hand, by implementing and calculating life cycle assessment of things that you use throughout the overall production, you will be able to understand how to avoid using materials that will damage the nature and choose renewable, or recycled alternatives.

According to different studies, if you wish to replace fiber with recycled materials, that will also lead to increased carbon footprint as well as weight, since you will need more recycled fibers so that you can gain the same functionality as carton or plastic packages.

Therefore, by understanding that sometimes things that we think are better for the environment can also create havoc, we can choose the least problematic way to deal with this particular problem.

As you can see, the life cycle assessment will help you understand and ensure that you avoid improving one part of the business so that you can gain severe expanse in the next.

Therefore, you will need to find specifics when it comes to isolation and recycling materials based on international standards. By following regulations and rules, you can quickly reduce the environmental impact of packaging, which will improve both business and world we live in.

That is why we decided to present to you the advantages and disadvantages of life cycle assessment:

Advantages of LCA

You Will Have Basis For Responsible Decisions

By conducting a study that will help you determine the life cycle assessment of your business, you will be able to create alternative solutions that will protect the environment and bring you into the responsible part of life. Since you will have credible and relevant information that will help you answer questions regarding the situation, you can make choices that are more responsible in the long run.

Additional Sales Argument For Your Services

If you have a company with social responsibility, you will undergo LCA for your products and services so that you can determine the overall impact of your business on environment and world that surrounds you. By using the data, you find in the study, and you will be able to provide your customers with environmental information, which is something, that will improve their trust in you, bring you credibility and increase sales as well.

Save Money In A Long Run

You can use this particular analysis so that you can create eco-innovations that will help you reduce the expenses and bring the conscience about the environment in general. According to studies, when you create a low environmental impact that will result in saving money. Therefore, you should always address and pinpoint the hot spots in which your business is affecting the environment, and calculate the expanses to see that alternatives will bring you a higher income than before.

Handle Environmental Claims

You will not be able to create an environmental claim about packaging and product without creating an analysis that will help you reach the results. The idea is to create the one, which will relate to Advertising Standards Authority, and LCA will improve the formulation so that you can defend your practice and provide arguments that you are not affecting it with your industrial processes. Even though the statements are solely based on your perspective, having an LCA study will help you create argumentation that will defend you in the eyes of the public so that you can send a strong message.

Disadvantages of LCA


The main problem when it comes to life cycle assessment is the amount of complexity that you should participate throughout the process. Therefore, it will require plenty of time in which you will gather data that will help you operate with it. Of course, some software solutions will remove the margin for error, but you need to calculate everything at least a few times to make sure that everything is perfect.

Lack Of Social Effects

At the same time, data tends to be generic for some industries, while the assessment is considering the ways your company affects the environment, it does not create a social perspective, which is also relevant to overall results. By using software that will allow you to automate some data based on the industry you operate, you will be able to improve the outcome.