5 Benefits of Product Declaration and Environmental Certification

5 Benefits of Product Declaration and Environmental Certification

5 Benefits of Product Declaration and Environmental Certification

When it comes to environmental profiles or EPDs, these are independently verified declarations of environmental performance for products during their life cycle.

You should have in mind that it is an internationally recognized format for creating the environmental performance of a product that you need, and everything is based on LCA or life cycle assessment.

At the same time, some of them are voluntary, but there are exceptions in which some specific materials can produce some products or within the similar products of the same sectors.

EPD for similar or same products must be developed based on specific regulations that are based on the product category that you work in.

The idea for PCRs or Product Category Rules is there to help you ensure the consistency and ability to compare similar products while calculating the potential impacts of products and materials within the category.

The main goal of EPD, according to an international standard is to create an environmental declaration of building products, so that you can encourage the demand and supply and cause less stress on the environment by providing relevant and verifiable information on ecological aspects of these products with an idea to increase the potent tail for environmental improvement.

The idea is that EPD is not providing the indication of whether some product is environmentally preferable, but it will help you create an understanding during the comparison, for instance:

  • In the case of merchandise, EPD is compared with the industry's average EPD for similar or same products, and you will be able to demonstrate better performance when it comes to the environment than your competitors.
  • You can get updated product-specific EPD that you can compare with the older version of the product, so that you can demonstrate the continuous improvement in your specific sector.
  • You can get product-specific EPD from a manufacturer within a sector that you can compare with another manufacturer that works within your industry, which means that you will be able to demonstrate that you have better environmental performance than other products and that you're meeting the same function, which may have marketing benefits as well.
  • You can create a product specified EPD from a manufacturer within a sector to a competing product so that you can see whether both products are meeting industry's standards.
  • You can create a product-specific EPD within a sector that compares with an alternative product in another industry based on a life cycle basis. The idea is to demonstrate environmental performance between products from different areas. In case that EPD is not at its full cycle, the assessment has to start from the very beginning, so you have to create an entire life cycle assessment for each product that you used in the context that will help you along the way.

What Type Of Information Will You Get With EPD?

  1. You will be able to get relevant data as well as information on the environmental impact of every material and product that came across the life cycle of a product that you wish to sell.
  2. You will be able to improve the transparency when it comes to reporting issues on health, environment, safety, durability, and other requirements that you wish to implement.
  3. You will be able to get third party verification on the data that you have compiled by following specific rules, regulations as well as international standards.
  4. You can get a basis for continuous improvements, which means that manufacturers will; publish EPD so that they can demonstrate the product's integrity concerning environmental regulations and performance that requires consistent growth.
  5. You will get an opportunity to develop everything based on your future goals.
  6. You will get the entire life cycle assessment so that you can improve your profits in the long run.

Benefits of Product Declaration and Environmental Certification

1.Save Money in a Long Run

With more light energy and resource usage and costs, manufacturers can use this particular process so that they can improve the energy and resource consumption across the value chain, which will help them, position better and find alternative strategies to improve overall profit.

This particular process will help you position yourself to alternative strategies as well as options that will help you reduce the exposure to adverse trends.

2.Meet Customer Requirements

At the same time, when you have corporate or individual clients, you should have in mind that building social sustainability and responsibility for targets and objectives will help you improve the customer requirements in the long run.

Finally, by publishing environment declaration, you will be able to report the continuous improvement, which will be the basis for communication with future clients.

3.Ensure That Products Are Safe For Environment

If you publish EPD for products that you use, you will be able to ensure that all data that you have been using is representative, timely, and accurate.

Reporting data in EPD will contribute to creating an utterly accurate framework that will help you calculate the environmental impacts of things that you do within your industry.

4.Increase Recognition

When you create a company, having an environmental declaration will help you boost the global ratings and gain recognition among clients and potential customers. Therefore, you will provide an incentive to design teams to incorporate products with EPD and not another way around.

5.Prepare For Changing Market Needs

Creating and building by using sustainable materials reached popularity in the last few years, and even though you will be able to improve your business by lowering operation costs, you will also be able to enhance productivity in general.

That is why corporate owners and tenants are becoming concerned with the environmental benefits and their importance in general. Therefore, when you have additional transparency of information, you will be able to improve the overall performance of products.

You can also understand the environmental impact of your products so that you can demonstrate that you wish to meet the regulations and requirements without taking advantage of things that surround you.