Which is the better software for LCA? Gabi or Simapro?

Which is the better software for LCA? Gabi or Simapro?

It is essential to understand that in today's world of technological advances; it is useless to manually handle things, especially since you can get help from relevant software that will provide you convenience and less time consumption during the study.

Life cycle assessment can be highly challenging, which is the main reason why manufacturers and IT experts create management software that will provide you both outline and ability to handle everything promptly and without breaking a sweat.

The main problem that beginners notice is whether they should consider Simapro or Gabi software for life cycle assessment. Have in mind that for life cycle assessment software Simapro and Gabi, you can get both convenience and peace of mind.

The main problem is how to choose and how to differentiate these two programs. We decided to present you ways how to understand similarities, differences, and what each of them can do because this understanding will help you choose the best tool for LCA.

What is SimaPro Software?

We have to start with SimaPro life cycle assessment software that will provide you peace of mind so that you can enjoy in life cycle expertise that will give you both business and environmental value.

Finally, you will be able to improve decision-making, implement alternative ways of using energy, change life cycle, and promote positive impact and everything that comes with it.

Have in mind that with SimaPro, you will be able to get a professional tool that will help you collect, monitor, and analyze the sustainability performance of both services and products that you operate with.

The main idea that followed the development of this particular software is to improve life cycle assessment expertise so that you can drive change, and you can provide facts that you may need to enhance sustainable value.

Have in mind that SimaPro has been one of the most popular LCA software in the next three decades, and it has the trust among industry leaders and academics from all across the globe. With it, you will be able to:

  • Analyze and model complex life cycles so that it can appear transparent and systematic way, which is something we could not do in the past without it.
  • You can measure the environmental impact of your services and products by following each stage of the product development from the beginning until the end.
  • You can identify all parts of your supply chain, and that is something that will straighten your ability to improve business, to expand the efficiency and finally to reach results that will prove useful for both your company and environment in general.

Have in mind that SimaPro comes with numerous databases as well as affect assessments so that you can use it for multiple industries and applications such as:

  • Water footprint
  • Carbon footprint
  • Eco and product design
  • Determination of key performance indicators
  • Environmental product declarations


  • Simple to use
  • Flexible
  • Your entire team can work by using a single database at the same time from different locations all around you.
  • Transparent results that are highly interactive so that you can track every single step
  • You can consider getting a large amount of data
  • Simple to connect with COM interface and other tools

What is GaBi Software?

When it comes to GaBi software, you will be able to enjoy a new generation of sustainability solution that will provide you peace of mind when it comes to creating meaningful and transparent LCA. You will be able to enjoy these business applications:

  • Design for the environment, in which you can develop products that will meet all environmental regulations that are vital for the world we live in.
  • Life cycle assessment
  • You can reduce resource, energy and material usage
  • You can develop products that feature small environment footprints that include reduced water waste, consumption, and GHG emissions.
  • You will get efficient value chains that will improve the overall efficiency of production, design, R&D, distribution, and suppliers.
  • You can reduce overall expenses by optimizing and designing processes and products that will help you along the way.
  • You will get an ability to improve a product's sustainability as well as claims, labels, and declarations.

Have in mind that GaBi can easily model every single element of the product within a system so that you can get a comprehensive life cycle perspective. Having this information will help you make better business decisions for the future so that you can improve the life cycle of the product.

Apart from that, it is highly accessible, and you can enjoy in better content database that will save you time on inputting environmental, energy and expanse impacts as well as sourcing each material that you used for processing and manufacturing of items.

SimaPro vs. GaBi

You can understand by now that this two software are leading ones for life cycle assessment. The idea is to use comprehensive product system that you can apply by using the same unit process foundation that will provide you comparable results.

When we compare them based on the same unit processes, the research makes us find an answer to the question of whether there are differences between them when it comes to outcome.

According to most case studies, results are almost identical between them, but in other ones, several differences exist.

Some of them are significant enough that they can affect the outcome, and when you start implementing the assessment methodologies, you will notice numerous differences along the way.

The overall differences originate in errors that are happening in software databases for both impact and inventory assessment. Both of them are popular for life cycle assessment, and practitioners from all across the globe are using them as the perfect tool.

The problem lies in slight differences that could affect the result, which means that both manufacturers and developers should find a way to standardize both of them so that the margin of error could be minimal.