Whole Building LCA

What is a Whole Building LCA?

SEMTRIO, is one of the leading companies in the Sustainable Built Environment

What is an Whole Building LCA?

Whole Building LCA studies provide a comprehensive calculation method for assessment of the environmental performance of buildings. Whole Building LCA is conducted in accordance with ISO 14040/44 and EN 15978 as a general concept and considers the production of building materials and components, transportation to the construction site, occupancy energy demand for an estimated service life and end of life scenarios with a cradle to grave approach.

What is an Whole Building LCA?

LCA Perspective in the Buildings

Although the energy consumption of buildings seem like utilization of electrical and mechanical equipment's; there is this another energy concept called «embodied energy»

Buildings are made out of construction products and components. Therefore, GHG emissions and energy consumption both occur until assembly of those components to the buildings; including raw materials extraction, manufacturing and transportation.

The energy consumption during those stages is named as "Embodied Energy» and the GHG emissions during those stages is named as «Embodied Carbon»

Embodied Energy may count higher comparing with the Building energy consumption that ooccurs during the occupation stage over its life time. End-of-life of the building such as deconstruction also contributes to the buildings Environmental indicators. Whole Building LCA studies covers all those stages of a building from construction products’ manufacturing to the end-of-life stage.

Resource use and Building LCA

SEMTRIO, is one of the leading companies in the Sustainable Built Environment

Whole Building LCA and Energy Consumption

LCA Perspective

Through a Whole Building LCA, the energy reduction and recycle contribution in the construction materials, reduction in resource depletion, re-use potential and recycle potential of building component in the end-of-life of a building’s components can be accounted and declared.

For instance, 1 kg of aluminium window frame causes Global Warming Potential of 27.4 kg CO2 eq, whereas 50% recycled scrap included same window frame is responsible for Global Warming Potential of 16.1 kg CO2 eq.

SEMTRIO, is a PCR developer company and participates in PCR committees among other well-known companies in the World.

PCR’s developed by SEMTRIO is used by the manufacturers that demand to produce LCA models for their products.

Whole Building LCA and LEED Green Building Scheme

SEMTRIO, is one of the leading companies in the Sustainable Built Environment

Whole Building LCA and LEED

3 points available with achieving LEED V4 M&R Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment Credit.

Bina Boyutunda LCA ve Yeşil Bina

3 points are achieved if the Environmental indicators are reduced at least 10% comparing to the Standard Building; including contribution from construction materials (Embodied Carbon), construction, occupation and end-of-life.

Whole Building LCA Focus

Whole Building LCA Focus
  • Global warming potential (greenhouse gases)
  • Depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer,
  • Acidification of land and water sources,
  • Eutrophication,
  • Formation of tropospheric ozone,
  • Depletion of non-renewable energy resources.

Beyond Whole Building LCA

SEMTRIO perform the communication of your Whole Building LCA and PR operations to all your stakeholders.

We aware…

We know more of this is demanding, therefore SEMTRIO is not only a sustainability consultancy company. Making your Whole Building LCA more efficient, making a great PR and communication, making your products and services known better are our goal and we work with your customers, affiliates and stakeholders together. LCA'nın Faydaları

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