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Get your company ready for the “new world” with your strategic partner Semtrio’s services and digital solutions in the journey towards net zero.


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Global trade is undergoing a massive transformation, and we are at the core of this transformation. We provide company-specific key performance indicators and guide you by drawing an impeccable roadmap.


B Corp

We attach invaluable importance to the environment and society. Even though it is invaluable, we believe our environmental, economic, and social impact on the world is measurable and comparable. We are proud to be one of the best-rated B Corp companies in the world since June 2021, with a 128.3 rating!

Accredited by BSI for excellency in data privacy & management.

As Semtrio develops roadmaps & schemes that will create unique value for your organization from your data, Semtrio also commits to your privacy.


UN Global Compact

Since our establishment, human rights, nature, and equal opportunity standards have been the fundamental values of our company. As a member of the sustainability platform supported by the United Nations, the UN Global Compact, we declare our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and 10 Principles and fulfill our responsibility for humanity and the world.

Climate Positive Business

As Semtrio, we joined the fight against climate change first within our company. We offset all the carbon emissions of our employees and operations via Co2nsensus, and we proudly declare ourselves as a Climate Positive Business offsetting our carbon footprint.


GRI Community Membership

We have been writing the sustainability reports of our customers following the most up-to-date developments on climate change, human rights, and economic development since 2016 with our GRI Community membership, and we constantly optimize the reports in compliance with GRI standards.


Semtrio is the very sole service provider in Turkey accredited to CDP in three extents with its digital carbon footprint calculator Co2nnectorPro, alongside CDP's climate and water modules. Thanks to its command in different channels, Semtrio offers comprehensive & extensive sustainability solutions to your institution.
Semtrio, with its multi-disciplinary team, ensures the compactness & excellence of your GRI Reporting process for you by running a group of professionals consisting of various approaches and skills



Take a look at our services to put sustainability and a carbon-neutral approach at the center of your company strategy and turn risks into opportunities!


Carbon emissions pose a risk not only for the world but also for companies’ future by causing climate change. Take the first step towards a low carbon strategy by calculating the carbon emissions of your product and services in compliance with international standards with carbon footprint reportings.


It is easy, practical, and free to offer your website visitors a carbon offsetting system with Co2nnector!


Add Co2nnector to your website for free to show the importance you attach to becoming carbon-neutral to your visitors and take the lead in raising the environmental consciousness within your area of impact.



We are proud to cooperate with the industry-leading companies towards our goal of achieving a more livable world.

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Our customer’s work is our work. We take firm steps towards creating value for you and us by drawing correct roadmaps in the work we are collaborating with together.