Water Footprint

What is Water Footprint?

All Water Footprintings done by SEMTRIO verified by accredition bodies.

Water Footprint

Water Footprint is an accounting approach of the water amount caused by water consumption and water polluiton.

What is Water Footprint?

What is Water Footprint?

Water Footprint is a tool to measure the the amount of water consumed to produce the goods and services. It can be measured for a single process, such as growing rice, for a product, such as a pair of jeans, for the fuel we put in our car, or for an entire multi-national company.

Water Footprintng can also measure the effects of the water use to the water scarcity in a particular region.

With water footprinting;

  • Water consumption can be assessed caused by instutuions, companies, cities, governments and individuals,
  • Water consumption can be accounted over the supply chain,
  • A road map can be produced for water use and water footprint optimizations.

Depending on the scope of the water footprint, the water footprint can be measured in cubic metres per tonne of production, per hectare of cropland, per unit of currency and in other functional units. Water Footprintin can help to understand on what purpose water use and water pollution occur and can help to meause the impacts on the limitied water resources. Impacts of water footprint change dependin on the location and interval of the water use. Comparing the effect of 1 cubic meter of water use in a water scarce region will be higher than other locations with the same water use.

1 kg kırmızı et üretimi Do you know the fact that…
The production of one kilogramme of beef requires approximately 15 thousand litres of water (93% green, 4% blue, 3% grey water footprint).

Water Footprint Components

Water Footprinting consists of 3 main components.

Water Footprint Components

Water footprinting consists of 3 components: Blue Water Footprint, Green Water Footprint and Grey Water Footprint. Those components assure the water footprint includes and evaluates the water consumption, rain water, and the volume of fresh water required for assimilation of pollutants; individually.

Yeşil Su Ayakizi Green water footprint is water from precipitation that is stored in the root zone of the soil and evaporated, transpired or incorporated by plants. It is particularly relevant for agricultural, horticultural and forestry products.

Mavi Su Ayakizi Blue water footprint is water that has been sourced from surface or groundwater resources and is either evaporated, incorporated into a product or taken from one body of water and returned to another, or returned at a different time. Irrigated agriculture, industry and domestic water use can each have a blue water footprint.

Gri Su Ayakizi Grey water footprint is the amount of fresh water required to assimilate pollutants to meet specific water quality standards. The grey water footprint considers point-source pollution discharged to a freshwater resource directly through a pipe or indirectly through runoff or leaching from the soil, impervious surfaces, or other diffuse sources.

Reference: www.waterfootprint .org

Chinese consumption Do you know the fact that…
The water footprint of Chinese consumption is about 1070 cubic metres per year per capita. .

Direct and Indirect Water Footprint

SEMTRIO, is the first Water Footprinting Software Developer in the World.

Direct and indirect water footprint

Direct and indirect water footprint

The water footprint looks at both direct and indirect water use of a process, product, company or sector and includes water consumption and pollution throughout the full production cycle from the supply chain to the end-user.

It is also possible to use the water footprint to measure the amount of water required to produce all the goods and services consumed by the individual or community, a nation or all of humanity. This also includes the direct water footprint, which is the water used directly by the individual(s) and the indirect water footprint – the summation of the water footprints of all the products consumed.

Reference: www.waterfootprint .org

Direct and indirect water footprint ABD Su kişi başı su tüketimi Do you know the fact that…
The water footprint of US citizens is 2840 cubic meter per year per capita. About 20% of this water footprint is external. The largest external water footprint of US consumption lies in the Yangtze River Basin, China.

Water Footprinting Standards and Methodologies

SEMTRIO, R&D Center is located at TÜBİTAK MARTEK Technopark.

Water Footprinting Standards and Methodologies

Water Footprinting Standards and Methodologies
  • Water Footprint accountings and reportings are conducted in accordance with “ISO 14046 Environmental management -- Water footprint -- Principles, requirements and guidelines”. Water Footprintings can be verified by individual verification bodies.
  • Direct Water Footprinting studies follow “Water Footprint Network - The Water Footprint Assessment Manual”.
  • For Indirect Water Footprinting several researchers have been developed water footprint methodologies that adopt LCA approach. Some of those methodologies have been integrated into SimaPro LCA software. Available Water Remaining Method, Berger et al 2014 (Water Scarcity) and Pfister et al 2009 (Water Scarcity).
  • EPD – Environmental Products Declarations can also provide information for Direct and Indirect Water Footprint per related PCR document.
Japan with a footprint of 1380 cubic metres per year per capita Do you know the fact that…
Japan with a footprint of 1380 cubic metres per year per capita, has about 77% of its total water footprint outside the borders of the country.

Water Footprint and CDP

SEMTRIO, produces solutions for CDP Water Programme.

Su ayakizi Cdp Danışmanlığı
  • In CDP Water Programme, companies are expected to report and disclosure their water risk managements and their future potentials against the water scarcity.
  • CDP Water Programme includes assessment criteria if Water Footprinting of companies are verified or not. Companies with a Water Footprinting verification can achieve higher scores in CDP Programmes.

Product Water Footprint

With the principles and guidelines stated in ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 Direct and Indirect Product Water Footprints are carried out. Product Water Footprint considers the water use and water use impact caused by the product’s life cycle including raw materials, transportation, intermediates, manufacturing and end product. Product Water Footprint assessment are carried out by modelling the product life cycle in LCA software such as SimaPro.

Corporate Water Footprint

Corporate Water Footprint can be defined as the sum of water consumption impacts within an institution or in a company caused by the water use in order to sustain its operations. Corporate Water Footprint accounting is conducted according to ISO 14046 and adopts a «gate to gate» approach. Corporate Water Footprint occurs by only the reporting companies own activities and operations.

In a Corporate Water Footprinting the water map of the company is identified; water sources (municipal or well) and location and number of water meters in the manufacturing plant are taken into account for Blue Water Footprint.

For Grey Water Footprinting, location and number of water discharge points in the company, the waste water concentrations, the treatment efficiencies if relevant and the pollutant concentrations of receiving water are required. Water treatment plant with a high efficiency will end up in mitigating Grey Water Footprint.

Beyond Water Footprint

SEMTRIO perform the communication of your Water Footprint and PR operations to all your stakeholders.

We aware…

We know more of this is demanding, therefore SEMTRIO is not only a sustainability consultancy company. Making your Water Footprint more efficient, making a great PR and communication, making your products and services known better are our goal and we work with your customers, affiliates and stakeholders together.

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