Your Strategic Partner in the Net Zero Journey

We established Semtrio combining our net zero ideals and passion for technology in 2016. We are an international company with our offices located in Istanbul and London.

Our utmost duty is to support sustainable development by preventing global warming from exceeding 1.5 degrees.

We are aware of how vital decarbonization is for a livable world. We provide our customers strategic guidance within the frame of science-based targets (SBT) in this journey.

We support the transition to Industry 5.0 with the climate-tech solutions we developed to prevent climate change and lead local and global transformation.

We are proud to be one of the top sustainability companies in the world
with our expert team members, exceptional consultancy services, and high
market share.

Our Commitments

Commitment-B-Certified-Badge-Score Semtrio is one of the best-rated B Corp companies in the world with a 128 rating!

We are one of the 2500+ companies globally taking global sustainability as a mission, benefiting from solid cooperation opportunities. We inspire all other companies in social and economic development with our leading position in the sustainability field.Companies with the B Corp certificate are institutions indicating that they take both profit and their social and environmental performance into consideration in declaration and implementation. B Corp companies, playing an active role in solving societal and ecological issues without waiting for others to take action, aim to transform the global economy for everyone by changing the dynamics of the business world.Our social and environmental performance were evaluated and certified in the B Corp certification process. At the end of this process, we signed the Declaration of Mutual Commitment in 2021 and became a certified member of the B Corp movement.
We aim with this declaration:
  • To contribute to an impact-oriented economy,
  • To take the lead in the transformation in the business world,
  • To provide benefit with our product and services,
  • To pledge our responsibility for future generations.
We are proud to be a better company for a better world!
Our Vision Our future goal is to become a company providing substantial changes in the world to inspire individuals and institutions in climate technologies.
Our Mission Our mission is to offer pragmatic and innovative services enabling the widespread use of carbon neutral production strategies for a livable future.

Our Values

We value nature

Our world, which is raising, supporting, and feeding us, deserves much better. The main reason we set out is to give back our planet and all its inhabitants what they deserve. We want to continue living again as a part of nature in better and greener conditions.

We value transparency

We dream of a business world in which processes go through mutual supervision and information is open to the access of everyone. We conduct our relationships with our customers, employees, and managers in a transparent, accurate, and understandable way.

We value innovation

Our services and products are always up-to-date and innovative. We advance our development and improvement processes based on international standards with practical and innovative techniques that set us apart from our competitors.

We value our customers

Our customers are, for us, as important as the ecosystem we are trying to protect. We need each other to make the world a better place. We constantly improve ourselves to estimate, determine and meet your needs.

We value equality

We cannot dream of a sustainable world without social equality. We dream without discriminating religion, language, ethnic origin, gender, and we give particular importance to equal opportunities in our corporate culture.

Our Achievements

We prepared and published the first EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) document in the denim fabric industry for the company ISKO.

We prepared the PCR document with ISKO Denim, the methodology of LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), and EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for producing processed woven fabric from natural fibers.

We conducted the world's first LCA work for natural soda ash and enabled the preparation of LCI data set for the Trona mine.