CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project

What is CDP?

SEMTRIO, improves quality of CDP questionary responses and helps companies to increase their CDP score.

CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project

CDP Carbon Disclosure Project    is the only independent, global system through which thousands of companies measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. CDP aims to catalyse a global economic system that operates within sustainable environmental boundaries and prevents dangerous climate change, improves water security and avoids deforestation. The insights offered by the data CDP collects enables investors, companies and governments to make informed decisions to mitigate the risks of environmental issues whilst capitalizing on the opportunities that a responsible approach presents.

By responding CDP, your organization is demonstrating to your investors, customers and key stakeholders that you are taking steps towards managing your environmental impacts, minimising risks and maximising business opportunities.

CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project

CDP Worldwide

How CDP process Works?

SEMTRIO creates short and long term strategy management plans for its clients wishing to participate at CDP Platform.

How CDP Works?

How CDP Works?

CDP Focus

CDP Focus

CDP focuses on 4 main areas of sustainability aspects; climate change, water, forest and supply chain. CDP expects participating companies to respond the questionaries' and scores their responses. Every participating company receives a score from A to D and F for not responding companies.

What are the CDP requests for information?

SEMTRIO, has in-house experts that have comprehensive knowledge of all modules in CDP questionnaire.

How to Respond CDP Questionary?

CDP creates a platform for companies to prove where they stand on Climate Change, Water, Forest and Supply Chain fields, their risk managements, potential improvements and set their targets. Companies respond the questionnaires online; consists of Governance, Risks and Opportunities, Business Strategy, Targets and Performance, Emission and Verification. Supply Chain module is available for companies whose customers request them to respond.

How to Respond CDP Questionary All questions in CDP questionnaires are on voluntary basis and companies are not enforced to respond entire questionnaire.


SEMTRIO understands that CDP is a compressive journey and the expectation from the responses have to be understood very well. The CDP questionnaire needs to be completed with satisfactory answers to meet the technical and detailed expectations of the platform.

For instance, if a company is not related with a CDP question or an operation, it is not the best answers to say only ‘NO’; an explanation must be provided together with the response.

In 2018 version of CDP, Climate Change module has been updated with the financial aspects of sustainability. CDP asks companies to declare their climate risk plans with the impacts to their financial situations . It is no enough to have only environmental knowledge in order to answer this questions, financial consultancy is being an integral part of the CDP questionnaire. We, as SEMTRIO, have in-house experts that have comprehensive knowledge of all financial and environmental modules in CDP questionnaire.

Cdp Nasıl Yapılır SEMTRIO aims to bring their clients among Global CDP List and strengthen their brand image.

What are the benefits of responding to CDP?

CDP – Benefits

CDP – Benefits
  • Lead the way Get ahead of your competitors and mandatory reporting by having your reporting processes already in place and reaping the benefits of reporting to CDP. Keep up to date with global environmental challenges and demonstrate your proactive approach towards addressing environmental risk.
  • Discover opportunity Identify areas within your business and/or supply chain where there are opportunities to increase efficiency, reduce impacts and ultimately reduce costs.
  • Manage risk Identify physical, regulatory and reputational risks arising from environmental issues such as climate change, water scarcity, and deforestation, and learn how to manage them. Learn to improve the resilience of your supply chain.
  • Benchmark Understand your progress and benchmark your performance against your industry peers in an anonymous fashion using CDP’s transparent scoring methodologies and unique score feedback charts.
  • Engage Build trust and engage with hundreds of key shareholders, stakeholders, clients and the public through just one disclosure. Increase your transparency and join a focal point for collaboration and information exchange.

Reference: CDP’s guidance for first-time users
For corporate disclosure on climate change, water, forests and supply chain

CDP Answers

CDP – Scoring

To help companies keep track of their improvement, CDP has developed detailed, program-specific scoring methodologies to measure responses at question-level. They indicate the number of points available for each question and what information the compny need to provide to be awarded these points.

  • 1. LEADERSHIP Implementation of best practices in the field of environmental management.
  • 2. MANAGEMENT Evidence of actions and management methods to address these impacts.
  • 3. AWARENESS  Knowledge of how environmental issues impact your business
  • 4. DISCLOSURE the level of detail and comprehensiveness of a response

These levels represent the steps that the company will move through as progresses towards environmental stewardship. Each level is translated into a single letter which represents the company’s overall score, so the company knows at what stage the company is currently operating at along the journey towards better environmental stewardship.

Reference: CDP’s guidance for first-time users
For corporate disclosure on climate change, water, forests and supply chain

Highlights of responding to CDP

CDP – Highlights

CDP – Highlights

It might not be possible to respond to all of the questions in your first disclosure, and encourage first time responders to take a simple approach, focusing on providing a complete response to a smaller set of questions, however, to get A – Leadership level from CDP is not too difficult.

A small hint: Accounting GHGs emissions according to a recognized standard and verification of the GHG Report by an individual verifier company help to jump to higher level.

There are important points to note when responding to CDP questions. It is likely more important to know how to answer than answer all the question.

It is unlikely to be starting off with all the information or the right systems in place. However, the very act of starting will begin the conversation for you and your team about taking the next steps in approaching these kinds of questions and implementing a plan to improve year on year. Please do get in touch for more information.

Beyond CDP

SEMTRIO perform the communication of your Cdp and PR operations to all your stakeholders.

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We know more of this is demanding, therefore SEMTRIO is not only a sustainability consultancy company. Making your CDP more efficient, making a great PR and communication, making your products and services known better are our goal and we work with your customers, affiliates and stakeholders together.

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