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LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is an assessment method that measures the environmental impact, resource efficiency, and waste generation of products throughout life cycles.

The LCA, we implement according to ISO 14040/44 standards, contains the total amount of carbon emissions generated during the raw material extraction, process, production, end of life, and disposal phases of products.

The whole process is calculated, assessed, and
reported; with our LCA service, which allows you
to make the most rational decisions about the
products and services you receive.

For Carbon Neutral Product and Services


Bring the environmental impacts under control with our LCA service.
LCA includes the 6 phases of the product life cycle:
  • Raw Material: Extracting the needed raw materials to generate the product.
  • Production: The manufacturing stage of products.
  • Consumption: The usage of the products after they have been served to the customer.
  • Disposal: Erasure of products when they are not recycled.
  • Recycling: The transition of the product as a raw material.
  • Transportation: Freight processes of products including all intermediary steps.

LCA not only includes the carbon emissions of your company's activities but also the impacts of suppliers, customers, and distributors.

In this context, you can grasp the effects of your products from end to end, have future advantages in strategic planning and designs by taking LCA service.

Why is LCA Important for Your Business?

LCA is important for you as well as the other prominent industry companies Why?

During the production process, you can compare the environmental impact of your products and conveniently make the necessary improvements.


Significant environmental impacts are identified at each product lifecycle stage, and you gain insight into potential innovations.

Risk Analysis

While preparing your sustainability
strategy, you can identify your potential
risks and liabilities by the LCA results.

Competitive Advantage

Gain competitive advantage by
responding effectively to customer

Supply-Demand Balance

You can encourage the demand for products
with fewer adverse effects on nature and
confidently meet the existing demand.

The Most Efficient Practices on LCA
Service are in Semtrio!

Semtrio completes the entire LCA process in the most agile way and produces excellent outcomes with its pioneering methods.

Global Studies

We participate in international work groups as developers and moderators and participate in PCR (Product Category Rules) committees to develop LCA calculation methodologies for numerous products.

The Best LCA Software

We know you deserve the best service. Therefore, we use SimaPro, the LCA software with the world's largest and most up-to-date database.

Exploratory Analysis

Before starting the project, we create the methodology and modeling with the exploratory work; next, we check the compliance of the obtained data with the process.

Expert Team

At Semtrio, we work with our expert team, which is aware of global developments and uses next-generation methods for you to receive the most productive results.



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